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Player Support Services Ltd is a forward-thinking company dedicated to providing unrivaled services and resources to athletes and sports organizations worldwide.
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Player Support Services Ltd is the Innovative Leader in Athlete Support

Player Support Services Ltd continues offering our unrivaled range of services for athletes and sports organizations. 

The concept of Player Support Services Ltd was not initiated merely as a business idea. PSS was created out of necessity for the needs of elite performers. Inspired by his experiences leaving the army with severe PTSD, Dr. Simon Le Clerc, MStJ founded Player Support Services Ltd as a well-being coaching business to help elite athletes during and after their sports careers.

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All athletes are important to us. We recognise that occasionally, someone will want our help but without becoming a member of our incredible service. That's not a problem! We can still offer you bespoke, individual support but unfortunately without any of the substantial discounts and benefits our PSS members enjoy.

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Features include

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Tailored Services

Designed for our subscribing members, our tailored service offers a unique and unrivalled level of individual support. Our members benefit from 1-on-1 personal support throughout every aspect of their time with us, (including for their families needs) whilst enjoying exclusive access to our entire range of experts at heavily discounted PSS prices.

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Features include

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Signature Service

Specifically designed for those athletes, agents, teams and sports organisations who would prefer to hold a dedicated account with us, our Signature Service offers all of the expert support available to our Tailored Members but through one account that can support multiple athletes.

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Features include

Our Services

Player Support Services Ltd Offers World-Class Resources and Services


Career transition counseling is a valuable commodity for retired or near-retiring athletes...


Many former professional athletes regret not being more financially ‘savvy’ while progressing ...


Life for an athlete can sometimes be more stressful off the field of play than on it...


Life skills training and mentoring can contribute significantly to personal development and success...


Injuries can have a significant psychological impact on athletes and their identity...


Sports psychology focuses on performance enhancement by developing the mental skills...


Finding philanthropy opportunities involves identifying and engaging in charitable activities...


Financial planning and advisory services are designed to meet each athlete’s and their family’s specific...


PSS business development helps athletes turn their viable ideas into reality, whether your business...


Athletes’ families often require significant support, as the life of an athlete can be demanding...

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Athlete profiling is an in-depth personal analysis for athletes who want to understand their decision-making...


Creating a professional and effective website for future business enterprises is crucial for establishing...


Dealing with legal matters can be both a distraction and a nuisance for athletes trying to focus...


In today’s highly competitive sports industry, athletes are more than sportspersons; they are social influencers...

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Within 1-2 business days, we will reply and, if applicable, schedule a brief free consultation.


During your free, Private 1-to-1 Consultation with one of our Founders, we will work with you to help identify your needs, create a plan, and discuss how we can implement the plan to meet your needs.


Dr Simon Le Clerc MStJ

Dr. Simon Le Clerc MStJ, PSS Co-Founder and Director of Sports Transition, is a seasoned Consultant/ Physician in Emergency and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine who brings a unique blend of experience to the world of professional athlete support.

Dr. Simon's journey spans over 24 years of service as an army officer, where he operated in conflict zones across the globe. During this time, he honed his skills in supporting expeditionary and elite forces, demonstrating a strong commitment to delivering excellence in performance during high-stakes situations.

His dedication to advancing pre-hospital care earned him prestigious accolades, such as the MStJ and a Winston Churchill Fellowship, recognizing his pioneering contributions to the field. Beyond his medical expertise, Dr. Simon is also a trained leader and a senior executive coach, providing a holistic approach to athlete support.

Dr. Simon's passion for athlete welfare was ignited by personal experiences of career transition due to injury and his daughter's journey in tennis. These experiences illuminated significant gaps in career and retirement support for athletes, motivating him to make a real difference for them as they face the unique challenges of being a professional athlete.

Today, he works with current and former Olympians, NBA, NF, football, golf, tennis, rugby players, NCAA and academy players, agents, coaches, and managers, dedicated to delivering optimal outcomes for his clients.

His unwavering commitment is focused on delivering optimal outcomes for his clients, ensuring they navigate their athletic careers and transitions with confidence and success.


JJ Weber, M.Ed.

JJ Weber, M.Ed., is a professional with extensive experience in sports psychology, particularly focusing on the mental aspects of athletic injury. As a co-founder and the Director of Sports and Injury Psychology at Player Support Services, JJ plays a vital role in helping athletes navigate the psychological challenges associated with injury and potential retirement.

JJ, a former collegiate athlete, earned a bachelor's degree in Psychology, which provided the foundational knowledge and understanding of human behavior and mental processes. JJ pursued further education in the field of sports psychology by enrolling in the Sport Psychology program at Temple University. There, he earned a master's degree in Sports Psychology/Kinesiology, gaining expertise in applying psychological principles to sports and athletic performance.

With over two decades of experience, JJ has worked as a consultant, providing professional, Olympic, and elite athletes with peak performance strategies, mental/ life skills, and emotional support. JJ is a member of the International Sports Psychology Association and the Association of Applied Sports Psychology.

JJ values family time outside of work and has a family with two children. As a stay-at-home father, he recognizes the importance of work-life balance.

JJ has diverse interests, including hiking, writing, family road trips, and music. These personal interests contribute to his well-rounded approach to working with athletes and understanding the importance of mental and emotional well-being beyond the sports arena.

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We benefit from having forged a core team of world class experts around the world

Indeed, in addition to our amazing experts, we have negotiated special rates for our PSS clients with all of our incredible partners around the World. Why? because they recognise how important our athlete-focused values are to us!

Dr Simon Le Clerc MStJ

PSS Co-Founder
Director of Sports Transition

JJ Weber, M.Ed.

Director of Sports Injury/ Mental Performance

Athena P. Constantinou

Director of International Relations at Sports Financial Literacy Academy

Talha Rafique

Founder of Digital Marketing Agency

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